Occlusal Guards

中文 想要一个免费的牙齿咬合护齿套吗? 请点击阅读。
IMG_5219Occlusal Guards offer general protection to teeth not limited to athletes. Multi-function applications are discussed below. It is an important service available through your dentist. Your dentist submits a pre-treatment estimate using ADA procedure code 09940 for an occlusal guard. Often there is no out-of-pocket cost. Have your dentist e-mail or call 1-800-616-6399 toll-free for specific information. If approved your dentist simply sends us a full-arch maxillary impression or cast.  Continue reading….




BerrySports Dentistry has spawned a new word; sportsdentistry. But what is Sports Dentistry and what does sportsdentistry mean? The International Academy for Sports Dentistry gives the following definition; “Sports Dentistry” involves the prevention and treatment of orofacial athletic injuries and related oral diseases, as well as the collection and dissemination of information on dental athletic injuries and the encouragement of research in the prevention of such injuries. The Academy’s website is quite useful for accessing information concerning dental / facial trauma prevention and treatment, what to do when a tooth is knocked out, athletic mouthguard types and designs, Trauma cards for distribution may be obtained through the International Academy for Sports Dentistry by contacting the Executive Secretary, Shelly Lott, 118 Faye Street, Farmersville, Illinois 62533; Phone +1-217-227-3431. The e-mail address is sportsdentistry@consolidated.net.  Continue reading….

There are more than 500,000 dentists worldwide but there’s only one…SportsDDS.com


On June 8th, 1999 Michael D. Kurtz served as Distinguished Honoree for the NY World’s Fair Commemorative Gala on behalf of Queens Museum of Art. Dr. Kurtz was personally congratulated byFirst Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.


SportsDDS.com is giving Ivy League Alumni with portable Dental Insurance who switch their dental care to us a free Whitening Visit with our Hygienist. For initial treatment planning and to find out more please call Columbia Mike at 646-221-3366.


mike“Over 25 years of working and living on the premises has kept me close to my patients. Now that’s true 24-hour emergency service. It’s made a difference keeping appointments timely especially in inclement weather. I think it’s the personal service that keeps families coming back here year after year. They come from far and wide. Maybe it’s the unlimited free parking or the scenic picture windows. Maybe it’s the SportsDDS.com occlusal guards. Sometimes I forget this is NYC. People are always hugging me & smiling. It makes me feel proud!” –Michael D. Kurtz, DDS, FASD

ruth“I read about your work in the Noveruth.JPG (21620 bytes)mber 25 issue of Newsday. I can’t express enough how wonderful it is to read about the positive efforts of New Yorkers such as yourself, instead of the usual tragic events. Your hard work and dedication have certainly inspired more community involvement among area businesses; an effort which is invaluable to our city as a whole. On behalf of all our neighbors and friends in New York , I both thank and congratulate you for all that you have accomplished , and wish you weqrcodell in the future.”  –Ruth Messinger, Manhattan Borough President Emeritae

Biography of Michael D. Kurtz, SportsDDS

index_clip_image002For almost 10 years, Dr. Kurtz was an independent consulting dentist to St. John’s University. Under Coach Lou Carnesecca, HOF 2, he cared for members of the elite 1985 “Redmen” Basketball Team. That team made it to the NCAA Final Four. He is author of a major textbook chapter in Mosby Sports Medicine; Principles of Primary Care. This became the genesis for his trademark Internet handle; SportsDDS.com. Continue reading….