What is Belleglass?

Belleglass is a laboratory processed composite restoration that closely resembles tooth structure. What makes it so special? During fabrication the material is brought to high temperature (about 293 degrees Fahrenheit) and pressure (about 2 atmospheres or 28 psi of nitrogen) allowing the acrylic to cure with less flaws. When cooled to room temperature the result makes for a much harder, stronger and durable dental restoration when compared to a typical chair-side cold-cure composite. Patients who drink hot coffee or tea and eat ice cream are prone to experience marginal leakage of their white cold-cure composite fillings. Sometimes you can see yellow-brown stains outlining the margins where leakage is occurring. (See Figure 2) Yuck!  Belleglass restorations have a coefficient of thermal expansion closely resembling that of natural teeth. So, Belleglass is less prone to marginal leakage. In addition, it’s high compressive strength makes it much more durable and resistant to fracture than both silver fillings and chair-side cold-cure composite fillings. Consequently, Belleglass is the restoration of choice for patients that suffer from bruxism (night grinding) and may need adjunct nightguard therapy. In short, Belleglass restorations are excellent.  Continue reading….


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