Chewing in a Tough Economy

Chewing our food well is very important. In fact, our teeth are important because are smile says a lot about who we are. Teeth are used not just for digestion but for communication, defense and status. If a picture says 1000 words then a smile must say one million. But how do you preserve a million dollar smile in a tough economy? Here are two ideas.

Keeping Gums and surrounding anchor bone healthy

Homecare and regular visits to a dentist who has a dental hygienist are likely to be very important. Prevention is key to keeping your smile healthy and fit is paramount. A good hygienist is difficult to find. They treat teeth and gums by removing hardened deposits of plaque and they provide homecare education. Top hygienists are trained in Arestin Therapy.  Continue reading….

Arestin-2Arestin Therapy is affordable. The material is often covered by prescription plan insurance. Placement is not uncomfortable and the results can be well worth it.



Belleglass is NOT your typical white filling -Top material & most insurance pays!

Another excellent way to make your dental visits cost-effective is to choose treatment modalities that deliver fine dentistry and may be paid for by any dental insurance coverage you may have. Continue reading….

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