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kid-couponBuild Strong Teeth! Includes exam, bitewings, prophy, school note and fluoride treatment. Fluoride protects teeth against decay.
Sealants are even better protection but are optional* Appointment required. No walk-ins. Families of 2 or more receive a United States Collector Item $2 Bill with Jefferson picture!
Refer a Friend & Receive a Bonus & Toothbrush

We are just off Hillside Avenue near the Q43 bus stop. Plenty of free parking on the street. Visit us on the web at, print out this page and bring it with you to your appointment. It will entitle you to repeat this offer in 6 months! WOW!  *   

Occlusal sealants, periapical x-rays, deep cleaning (scaling and curettage, Arestin, available if needed for separate fee. Insurance benefits can be applied to these services if available. Alternate date available for $10 surcharge. Sorry, no Medicaid.